Entry: Define Love? Err.. No idea. Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lately, I've been surrounded by love-struck people. Not that it's weird but realizing that I'm 21 and I've never been in love, (Yes, I haven't. Don't ask why. I have no idea either) makes me realize that I'm missing out A LOT. And I did miss out on a lot of things already.

I don't know.. I just... didn't care, I guess.

As I've said before, "I don't pay attention to things I don't care about." And by that, I mean it in general. Like, if it doesn't get my attention, I have no idea that it exists at all. 

Uhmm.. Okay.. that's so passively mean. Let me rephrase:
If it does not get my attention, I have no interest to learn about it further.

There.. Better? Hahaha.

That sounded like a normal idea. But if you know me that well in person, you realize that those "things" are fewer than few. Hahaha. Like "I have my own world. Get outta here!" Hahaha.

.  .  .

Okay so I'm naturally mean. What?? Tongue


Those things that DIDN'T interest me...
one of them is being in love. I USED to trash the idea and laugh at the maudlin-ish way that it controls the behavior of people. I THOUGHT it sucked.

Yeah, so people who knows me from high school til three years ago have known me for being sooo negative about it. I even received this COOL t-shirt as an 18th birthday present:
(Thanks guys! I could've worn it but it doesn't fit me anymore cry It's still in my room though. Wait til I lose more weight. Haha Wink)


I WAS a teenage hater. Eew. Hahaha.

Funny but now that I'm slowly accepting the fact that I'm growing up, and maturity is finally waking up my senses once in a while... I'm no longer a hater. Yey!

But I'm NOT in love either. There's a difference. All I'm saying is I'm no longer a hater.

*long pause*

So what's with the long intro? Err.. yeah, actually that was just an intro. Tongue

Because I saw an old (but really schweet it caught my attention. haha) post and though I've read it so many times before, I'm still posting it up. Haha.. And I think that being in love doesn't suck at all anymore. I changed my opinion. I take back what I said a few years ago. *raises white flag* Hahaha.

Boy: What do you want more than anything?
Girl: To be standing in the middle of the street in the pouring rain and have the love of my life kissing me. What about you?
Boy: To be the one kissing you.
Girl: I like someone.
Boy: Who?
Girl: Wait wait. I love someone.
Boy: Can you tell me?
Girl: Yeah, but you can't laugh.
Boy: Okay. I won't. Just tell me.
Girl: It starts with y & ends in u.
Boy: I like that person too.

Boy: So who do you like?
Girl: Oh some guy that doesn't like me
Boy: Well, then he is missing out
Girl: Haha…well who do you like?
Boy: Some girl who likes some guy who's totally missing out
Girl: Ok I have a question for you
Boy: Alright ask me.
Girl: What do you see when you look in my eyes?
Boy: You honestly wanna know?
Girl: Yeah..
Boy: My future

Boy: So what are we?
Girl: I don't know. What do you want to be?
Boy: Whatever makes you happy
Girl: I'm already happy. So what will make you happy?
Boy: You.

Girl says:
I can't promise you perfection, cause that is not who I am.
I can't promise you forever, cause I don't hold fate within my hands.
I can't promise you the sunshine, because I know there will be rain.
I can't promise you complete happiness; cause with true love, there comes pain.
I can't promise to always smile, cause life always has a way to make me cry.
I can't promise to always stand strong, cause it's never easy to want to give life another try.

Guy says:
I know you're not perfection.. to me, you're so much more.
I know we may not have forever, so I treasure every moment with you… in case another one isn't in store
Yes, I'd like the sunshine. But I'll stand with you through the rain.
Your happiness is my happiness. So I'll do whatever I can to ease your pain.
When I first saw you smile, I fell in love at once.
And even deeper I fell, the first time I saw you cry.
It was at that moment I realized, I wanted to protect you.
And always be the one to wipe the tears from your eyes.
I know that life is difficult, and has given you more than your fair share of pain and lies.
But that's why I'll be your strength when yours falls broken...
And give you my wings to fly.

Boy: Tell me a secret that you have never told anyone before.
Girl: You wouldn't want to know.
Boy: Yeah I do. If you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine.
Girl: I would rather not.
Boy: Please?
Girl: I love you.
The boy smiled and said, "That was mine too."

Girl: In case you didn't realize. My heart was just recently shattered into a thousand pieces.
Boy: In case you didn't realize. I want to glue all the pieces back together, even if it takes the rest of our lives.

Schweet. But LOVE? I don't even have an idea what it really is. All I know is that it's such a strong word.
Not to be used if you don't mean it / understand it.
Err.. Whatev.
. . .
But based from the post, I say it's not so bad at all. Shades



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